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Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE)

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A short description of SPISE follows. For more information, please visit the Caribbean Science Foundation:


The annual Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) is an intensive four-week enrichment residential summer program for gifted Caribbean high-school students 16-17 years of age who are interested in studying and exploring careers in science and engineering. The longer term goals are to: (1) help address the low numbers of Caribbean students pursuing advanced degrees in science engineering, (2) groom the next generation of science, engineering technology and business leaders in the Caribbean, and (3) help diversify the economies of the Caribbean by stimulating more technology-based entrepreneurship.


SPISE is hosted on the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies, Barbados, where the CSF has its headquarters. SPISE students are totally immersed (24/7) in university-level calculus, physics, biochemistry, computer programming, entrepreneurship, Caribbean unity, and hands-on projects in robotics or electronics. The SPISE environment discourages rote learning and teaches students how to focus on understanding and applying the fundamentals so as to achieve mastery of the material, and thus to be able to solve complex problems. The value of teamwork (learned in the hands-on projects) is yet another essential skill that is emphasized, along with proactive time-management skills. Instructors in the SPISE include university professors from the Caribbean and the Diaspora (including MIT), and senior management professionals from leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the Diaspora. The program culminates with student project competitions in which each team first gives an oral presentation of their hands-on project before demonstrating the workings of their project. These final competitions are open to the public.


The CSF firmly believes that this smaller elite group has the greatest probability of producing the Region’s first “Bill Gates” or “Steve Jobs” or the first Nobel laureate in science. Additionally, the CSF firmly believes that by empowering our youth, the “next Google” could be created in the Caribbean, and just one such company could supply all the able-bodied persons in one of our smaller countries with high-paying jobs.


SPISE started in 2012, and during 2012 - 2019, SPISE has served 152 students from 15 different Caribbean countries.























Each year, we have approximately 20 students who come from approximately 10 countries across the Caribbean. SPISE students are incredibly accomplished, despite the fact that many of them come from what we would consider very low income brackets, and are hard-working, proactive, serious about career, and as per the Caribbean culture, extremely polite young adults. The typical SPISE student has 10 or more CSECs at Grade 1, and superb letters of recommendation from their principal, and math and science teachers. SPISE 2012-2018 graduates are currently attending the world’s top universities, including MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, U Penn, McMaster, and UWI.


Most SPISE students participate free of charge, and are supported by generous donations from organizations and individuals. It costs approximately US $7,000 to support each SPISE student, plus round-trip air travel to Barbados, if applicable.


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